A thorough intake is an important aspect of Arvigo Therapy®. Before you arrive you will complete an intake form that will address specific aspects of your health. The more accurate information you provide about your body and your body’s history, the better we can address your specific needs. Together we will review your intake form and discuss your concerns so that your treatment(s) will be as personalized as possible.

You should expect an experience similar to a typical massage. Maya Abdominal Therapy is a gentle, external massage of the abdomen and pelvis.  Much of the work is also performed on the low back and sacrum. It is encouraged, but not mandatory, that clients disrobe completely for maximum benefit of the treatment. At all times the client will be draped with a sheet or blanket.  Most people find abdominal massage to be extremely relaxing and painless.

At the end of your treatment you will be taught the self-care routine. Self-care is an important aspect of Arvigo Therapy®. With continued abdominal care at home, your tissues and organs will adjust to a new normal of alignment, oxygenation, and suppleness. You will notice the results. You will be given a complimentary aromatherapy-infused massage oil for your home care.

It is preferred that you schedule at least one follow-up appointment. This will allow us to discuss changes in your body, your self care routine, complimentary therapies, and to create a plan moving forward. The follow up appointment is 90 minutes; 20-30 minutes of discussion and a 60 minute ATMAT treatment.